Slashing and
Slashing Weeds & Grasses

There are many reasons for slashing apart from the obvious one of vegetation control.

Roadside Slashing

This service eliminates the situation of vegetation growing onto roads creating visibility hazards and/or unsafe driving conditions.


From small blocks and public areas to parks and gardens, we have a range of mowing equipment to carry out your projects in the most efficient manner.

Reach Mowing

Reach mowers are designed for a range of vegetation cutting on steep banks, and any other areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Verge Mowing

We use our Nobili TBE Verge or Roadside Mowers which are rear tractor mounted flail mowers suited for grass, bushes and branches.

Weed Control

To carry out weed control efficiently access is required in some of the most difficult areas and situations.

Tree Trimming & Maintenance

Our experienced team can identify the best way to deal with your tree pruning requirements.


Drones are fast becoming part of everyday life of modern society with their universal use for recreation, commercial and industrial purposes.

A & M Slashing


A & M Slashing is a service company that provides all manner of grass cutting and minor vegetation management. Specialising in mowing, acreage slashing and maintenance, firebreaks, grass cutting, herbicide treatment and heaps more!


A & M Slashing provides services to residential, commercial and civil properties in Central Queensland; servicing Gladstone, Calliope, Benaraby, Boyne Island & Tannum Sands with a professional approach at reasonable rates.

Our Clients


Our clients range from residential, commercial, council, construction, bushfire reduction, new estate maintenance & developments, farming & rural properties, school ovals etc. We also do real estate which involves regular mowing or slashing and preparing properties for sale to improve the property value & maximise the sale price.