From small blocks and public areas to parks and gardens, we have a range of mowing equipment to carry out your projects in the most efficient manner utilising the maximum cutting width suited to the area.


Couple this with our extensive range of associated services such as hedge trimming, tree lopping, landscaping and vegetation control, we are the right choice for your mowing requirements.


We mainly use the Hustler Zero Turn Mowers which are the most durable and productive mowers in their class. They are designed for a precision cut around obstacles so that there is virtually no need to trim.  They pivot through 180 degrees without leaving any uncut grass.


Designed for trouble-free long-term performance the Hustler Zero Turn makes short work of any grass cutting situation and with speeds up to 24 kmph they will not only do a great job but have the ability to complete the tasks quicker.


These Hustler mowers comply with all OH&S standards. The mowers are equipped with flashing lights, certified roll over protection systems and fire extinguishers. All the necessary warning/notification signage can be posted by our qualified Traffic personnel, meeting all safety requirements at all times while the mowers are in use. 

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