Tree Trimming & Mulching

With our experienced qualified cutters, we perform all of the following work;


• Tree trimming

• Tree pruning

• Deadwood removal

• Thinning and weight reduction

• Under pruning

• Balancing and shaping

• Tree lopping, if necessary


Although tree lopping is not recommended, sometimes it is necessary. Our experienced team can identify the best way to deal with your tree pruning requirements and will give you their professional advice to ensure you get the best result.


We are also able to reduce what we fell into soil-nourishing mulch for your garden. In addition to being an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals, mulch will stave off weed growth and encourage worms to aerate your soil. To organise a mulching service with our team, don’t hesitate to contact us.


As a major industry, shire and small business contractor, we are extremely professional and fully insured. We offer you an exceptional, reliable service.

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