Verge Mowing

For these tasks we use our Nobili TBE Verge or Roadside Mowers which are rear tractor mounted flail mowers suited for grass, bushes and branches.

These machines consist of a tractor connection frame, a cutting head and a parallelogram shifting arm which enable the machine to work either directly behind the tractor or offset to the side of the tractor. The hydraulics of the unit allow the unit to be inclined by up to 90 degrees up, or by up to 65 degrees down.

These machines follow the ground and have a built-in anti-shock device to improve safety for the operator and the machine itself. The heavy-duty barrels, external bearings, and solid hammers, all assist in providing easier maintenance of the machine by the operator and thereby greatly reducing any downtime.  

Another great advantage of using these mulcher units is the environmentally friendly aspects. These flails mulch the grass and evenly distribute the clippings, aiding in quicker breakdown of the grass.

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