Weed Control

To carry out weed control efficiently access is required in some of the most difficult areas and situations.

The Polaris Ranger is a very reliable, powerful all-terrain vehicle. Due to our unpredictable weather conditions, the ATV’s allow access to most areas, and also ensure little to no footprint is left in their wake. These machines can carry up to 450kg in the tray and have a 37.5L fuel tank. This makes them an extremely versatile piece of machinery.


This vehicle is equipped with 400lt poison tank, 15mtr hose and reel, along with a handheld spray lance. This equipment also has a detachable 2 metre jet boom sprayer situated on the rear carry tray. The spray equipment and hose reel ensure no target area is inaccessible.   


As with all our vehicles, the ATV’s are also equipped for OH&S requirements, kitted out with everything from seatbelts and registration for on road usage to flashing lights, ROPS, UHF radio, fire extinguisher and first aid kits.


We also have as part of our fleet a 4×4 fitted with a 600L tank with 25m hose and reel, along with a handheld spray gun as well as a small truck fitted with an 800L tank with 25m hose and reel, along with a handheld spray gun.


We carry a variety of poisons for any application, such as;


• Broad Acreage Regrowth Control

• Around Guideposts & Culverts

• Along Batters & Drains

• Under Overpasses

• Storage Facilities & Fencelines

• Vegetation Control

• Noxious Weed Control

• Pest Weed Control


We are one of the only trusted companies in the area that carry out Noxious Weed control and Identification.


ACDC licensed (agricultural chemical distribution certification)


We can also carry out Weed & Seed Inspection Certifications

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