Drone Services

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) or simply drones, are fast becoming part of everyday life of modern society with their universal use for recreation, commercial and industrial purposes.

UAV’s can take great photographs and videos, but there is so much more they can offer to the skilled operator particularly one with surveying, mapping or inspection knowledge.


All Drone Services CQ  has always been welcoming of technological advances, particularly where there are clear benefits to our existing or potential clients and their projects.  The advantages offered by UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) have been obvious from the outset and All Drone Services CQ was quick to respond with the purchase of its own UAV’s. Until now, All Drone Services CQ has been only working to assist our current clients with their processes and projects but with an expansion of the business, we are now able to welcome new clients. 


With our recent purchase of the most technologically advanced spray drone currently in use worldwide we have positioned ourselves at the leading edge of innovation for weed control, seeding and fertilisation. Drone Spraying is an extremely cost-effective solution for the application of chemicals, the manoeuvrability of the UAV allows our pilot to service isolated or difficult to access areas and sites which require rehabilitation and/or stabilisation. Combined with Aerial Survey, our drones can be utilised to service broadacre or specific areas where treatment is necessary, by liquid or granular form.


Intelligent flight control with the assistance of the onboard technology and RTK allows the UAV to achieve unimaginable precision and maintain accurate height above the vegetation. Spray density is maintained even as the canopy rises and falls so that the pre-set amount of application is applied at all times.


All Drone Services CQ is fully compliant with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations and certification.  Our operators have undergone extensive training in the operation and use of these UAV’s.

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