Slashing Weeds & Grasses

There are many reasons for slashing apart from the obvious one of vegetation control.


Things like increasing mulch in the soil, promoting new pasture and grass growth, managing annual or woody weeds, maintaining firebreaks and just simply making it look tidy are a few reasons for slashing.


Amongst our range of plant and equipment for slashing is the John Berends 7ft Contractor extra heavy-duty slasher featuring a rigid headstock with floating top link connected to under body structure supports. This slasher also has 6mm thick height adjustable sides and 12mm thick hardened steel skids. These slashers are fitted with a heavy-duty PTO Shaft plus front and rear chain stone guards. The Berends 7ft extra heavy duty slasher with dual wheel kits, and a blade tip speed almost doubled compared to other slashers, will provide approximately 30% better productivity than other machines in the area.


These tough slashers are ideal for slashing any large areas.


• Trusted when owners are out of town to maintain properties

• Experienced in Large scale maintenance


We also use the Woods BB72.60 BrushBull Slasher which is an extra heavy duty slasher. It has a 1.8m (6’) cut and has the capacity to cut small saplings. These slashers are an extra heavy-duty slasher with a 3-inch output shaft which will rival all extra heavy duty slashers on the market. The Woods BrushBull slasher does not leave a windrow behind the slasher as it evenly distributes the cut material. This slasher has the highest OH&S rating for a slasher as you change blades from above the machine. These slashers are also fitted with front and rear safety chains that minimise the chance of debris exiting the cutting area.

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